Saturday, October 25, 2014

Do You "I Can"?

This year I have moved to a new school and play a part in the leadership team as the instructional partner. It is an expectation of the team that I can statements be posted.  But we knew that the teachers needed the research that supports why we use these statements. They needed the "why" so that the statements could be used effectively. Just like our students teachers need purpose in what we do. We embedded a short PD in our instructional meetings that gave our teachers the "why." I want to share the article with you guys so you too will know why I can statements are so IMPORTANT!!! Take a moment to watch the short PowToon and read the article.  I can statements are powerful!! They will make a difference in your students' learning.  Watch for more posts about I can statements, formative assessments and more...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Halloween Creative Writing Project

Okay....I got a little carried away with this creative writing project, but I LOVE it!! Writing is an area that our school is really focusing on this year so my creativity seems to be going in that direction too. :0) Not only is this Halloween writing unit engaging but it will strengthen your students' writing skills. Here is a peek at the unit:

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