Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Product Alert

When someone contacts me and asks me to make a product for them it just makes my heart smile!! Below are two of my newest products that came about through requests:

In 2013 my district purchased the most current version of Reading Street and some of the stories changed. All of my units were based on the stories of the new series because that's what I was teaching. Recently I had a request to create units for those stories that had been replaced.  Click on the link above to purchase the unit for Mister Bones Dinosaur Hunter.  I'm working on units for all of the replaced stories. 
If you would like to purchase Mister Bones directly from me and save $0.50 click on the Buy Now button below! 

My latest edition of my interactive notebooks is Adding With Tens and Ones.  Supplement your math lessons with this interactive notebook.  It is aligned with Envision Math topic 10 but can be used with any curriculum because it is standards based.

I have a 3rd grade teacher at my school that is loving brag tags so I've made her some brag tags for the Measurement and Data Standards in Math. When a student masters a standard they get a brag tag and they are loving it!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Craftivities are the BOMB!

I love a good craftivity where kiddos are learning and don't even realize it!!! I've been really busy creating some craftivities for some of my second grade friends.  So please share with your second grade friends if you think they can use them or better yet maybe you can use them in your first grade classroom too! 

Bad Dog Dodger is such a fun book and these 2nd graders did a fantastic job with their craftivities. If you are looking for a fun way to teach RL 2.3 you can grab A Bad Dog Dodger Craftivity HERE.

Teach opinion writing W 2.1 with this fun craftivity for A Froggy Fable or supplement your frog unit! Grab it HERE.

I think this unit on community workers is one of my favorites!  You can pair it with the story Firefighters or supplement your community workers unit!  Your students will choose one of the 4 workers included, research that worker and write a narrative about the worker.  Meets standards W 1.3, 1.7, 2.3 & 2.7. You can grab the unit HERE.

The second graders at my school had soooo much fun researching and writing!  Some had so much to write about they wrote across several pages!!!

Before writing their teacher grouped them according to the worker they chose. Collaboratively the groups researched the workers and put their info on large chart paper.  Once that was complete they presented their information to the class.  Sooooo impressed with the work of these guys!!!

For The First Tortilla I focused on teaching standard RL 2.7 and creating 3 graphic organizers focused on character, setting and plot. Grab it HERE.

RL 2.1 is the focus of the Sign Maker's Assistant Craftivity.  I created a GIST graphic organizer and included directions on how to use the GIST strategy. 
Grab it HERE.

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