Monday, July 28, 2014

Interactive Notebooks and Standards Based Report Cards

My district transitioned to standards based report cards last year and it was a mind shift for both teachers and parents.  Over the summer I began to create interactive notebook activities and it dawned on me that these would be great portfolios for standards based report cards.  It definitely would not be the only thing you need to use in order to assess your students but it is a quick snapshot.  If you haven't tried interactive notebooks I urge you to start.  Not only is it engaging for the kiddos but also gives you another way to assess your students.

I've started two interactive notebooks to help you get started in both reading and math.  I will be creating and adding more activities as the year goes on. 


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Classroom Themes

Hey Guys!  In this part of the south we are starting to gear up for Back to School...I know, I know who goes back this early???!!!!! Well we do!  So...if you are looking for something new for your classroom decor take a peek at these 2 themes I put together this summer.

Monday, July 14, 2014

July Fun and Free Facebook Hop

So excited to participate in the July Fun and Free Facebook Hop!  Lots of Back to School Goodies.  Look for this picture:
You will see the picture on the left side of the
 Facebook pages under Apps. 
You can start on my Facebook page.

For my freebie I have included a section from my new interactive math notebook.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Two For Tuesday

Woot! Woot!  It's Two for Tuesday time!!! Today you can get 2 of my products, Gnome Decor for the Classroom & First Grade Envision Math Focus Wall Understanding Addition, 50% off!!!

Where Are We Display

Isn't this just the cutest???? Sayward printed the "Where Are We" at a decreased size and then put them on a round cookie sheet.  It will be so adorable hanging outside of her classroom!!
Where are We

The finished product.

Gnome Theme for the Classroom

Whew!!! It's done...the Gnome Theme for the Classroom is up on TPT.  Sayward has been busy all day printing and laminating. When she takes a breather she promised pics of her work in progress! I'll post them as soon as she sends them.  Here is a preview of some of the fun things included in the packet. 

She bought several sheets of scrapbook paper and put it in frames.  She then printed the gnomes and cut them out.  I can statements will be written on these!!

She decreased the size of the "Where Are We" when she printed and then put it on a round cookie sheet.  How cute is that???!!!!

Living vicariously through my bestie since I'm not in a classroom! ;0) She is transforming this desk into a seat for the "gnome of the week."  Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday's Weekly Favorite Pins #4

I am on a roll today!!! Three posts in one day!  The Wednesday Weekly Favorite Pins have proven to be pretty popular these last few weeks and that makes me happy. Love sharing these great ideas!

Over at Mrs. Patton's Class she blogs all about how her kiddos wrote about themselves before they wrote about characters in books.

What a great way to practice addition!!! No directions with this one just the pic but I'm sure you guys could create this one easily!

We played Scoot often and my firsties LOVED it!!  Laura Candler talks about playing Team Scoot. My firsties always had a partner when we played Scoot so I think team scoot is an awesome idea and allows for lots of discussion. 

Managing interactive notebooks can be challenging especially with the littles.  Check out Teaching With a Mountain View's post about a great way to manage those notebooks.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Worksheet Wednesday

Here is a quick freebie for you guys today!  It is so very important for our kids to take ownership of what they are learning.  In the book study that I am currently participating in I was gently reminded about how we need to conference with our students and allow them to have voice in their goal setting.  While conferencing with your firsties fill this form out together then come back together and give feedback on their progress.

Book Study: The Literacy Teacher's Playbook...Interpreting Data

  • Today we are focusing on Chapter 3 in The Literacy Teacher's Playbook...Interpreting Data & Establishing a Goal. Okay I love this next quote but as an Auburn girl it pains me to write it..."Set goals-high goals...When you have a goal to shoot for, you create teamwork, people working for a common good." Paul William "Bear" Bryant. I have always set high expectations for all of my students.  Everyone needs a goal to shoot for...even teachers.
  • In reading this chapter I was reminded about how effective goal setting and feedback can be!  Teach to those goals and give those babies feedback. They need it so they know which direction they are going.
  • When you set a goal look for opportunities for growth in more than one area!  You want to be able to have multiple times to practice.  Don't just hit it and move on.
  • Conference with your students to set their goal...lead them to the goal that their data supports.  Use the data you have and bring it to the conference. You want their input so they own their goal.  Example of leading them towards a goal:  "One thing I notice is ______.  What do you think?"  Let's motivate our students by letting them have voice!

I made us a superhero goal setting sheet.

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