Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday's Weekly Favorite Pins #4

I am on a roll today!!! Three posts in one day!  The Wednesday Weekly Favorite Pins have proven to be pretty popular these last few weeks and that makes me happy. Love sharing these great ideas!

Over at Mrs. Patton's Class she blogs all about how her kiddos wrote about themselves before they wrote about characters in books.

What a great way to practice addition!!! No directions with this one just the pic but I'm sure you guys could create this one easily!

We played Scoot often and my firsties LOVED it!!  Laura Candler talks about playing Team Scoot. My firsties always had a partner when we played Scoot so I think team scoot is an awesome idea and allows for lots of discussion. 

Managing interactive notebooks can be challenging especially with the littles.  Check out Teaching With a Mountain View's post about a great way to manage those notebooks.

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