Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Book Study: The Literacy Teacher's Playbook...Interpreting Data

  • Today we are focusing on Chapter 3 in The Literacy Teacher's Playbook...Interpreting Data & Establishing a Goal. Okay I love this next quote but as an Auburn girl it pains me to write it..."Set goals-high goals...When you have a goal to shoot for, you create teamwork, people working for a common good." Paul William "Bear" Bryant. I have always set high expectations for all of my students.  Everyone needs a goal to shoot for...even teachers.
  • In reading this chapter I was reminded about how effective goal setting and feedback can be!  Teach to those goals and give those babies feedback. They need it so they know which direction they are going.
  • When you set a goal look for opportunities for growth in more than one area!  You want to be able to have multiple times to practice.  Don't just hit it and move on.
  • Conference with your students to set their goal...lead them to the goal that their data supports.  Use the data you have and bring it to the conference. You want their input so they own their goal.  Example of leading them towards a goal:  "One thing I notice is ______.  What do you think?"  Let's motivate our students by letting them have voice!

I made us a superhero goal setting sheet.

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