Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What Readers Look Like

Last week my teamies and I decided to implement some silent reading time in our classroom.  According to the National Panel on Reading children who spend time reading independently grow in fluency.  With all of the reading programs in our schools we sometimes forget to teach our kiddos to LOVE reading!  Well it is our mission to teach these firsties to love reading.  So now each firstie has their own reading pillow and reading bag filled with books they choose. (I forgot to take a picture of their reading bag, but will try to get one up tomorrow.)  Who doesn't like to be comfy when they read a good book?  Take a look at these guys reading and loving it!

When  my reading coach saw the picture she said,  "That is what readers should look like."  

We continued with our Ruby Bridges study today and finished our anchor chart and craftivity.  Take a look at them.  They are precious!

You can go HERE or HERE to get Ruby.

Hope you guys had a fabulous day and that tomorrow is even more fabulous!!

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