Sunday, November 9, 2014

Make 3 Wishes...A Different Kind of Give Away!

I have the most incredible hubby ever!!! He lets me bounce my ideas off of him all of the time and then he gives me some GREAT ideas!!! This next idea came from him!!! 

I want to create the items that you guys really need and want! So what better way to do that then to get input from you!!! So...Make 3 Wishes was born! Here is how it works:

Download the Make 3 Wishes document from my TPT store HERE.

List up to 3 items you want created.
Over the next few weeks I will be choosing ideas and creating! 

• If I choose one of your ideas you get the product for FREE and an additional $10 worth of product. I will email if your idea is chosen. It’s possible that I could choose all 3 ideas you submit. That would mean 3 FREE products and $30 worth of product total!! WOOHOO! 
•Just for submitting your ideas you can also list an item that you would love to purchase at 50% off. I’ll put that item on sale and email with details.

You will email the completed copy to

Can't wait to see all the great ideas!! 

Thanks for being such awesome teachers!!!

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