Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Book Study

Started reading Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites by Marcia L. Tate!!! My favorite quote from Chapter 1: Brainstorming and Discussion

"They can't talk in c
lass. They can't talk in the hall. They can't talk in the cafeteria. They can't talk at all!"
Mmmmm....WOW! We have to let our kiddos talk, collaborate, brainstorm, discuss, etc. This made me stop and think about my own work. How many times do we "bounce" ideas off of one another? Some of my greatest ideas have come from discussions with colleagues. I learn so much from those around me! Our students are wired the same way!! They learn from one another. If they can't spend time talking with peers then they are missing out! I would love to hear your ideas, thoughts, examples, etc. Please comment below.

Challenge this week: Incorporate brainstorming/discussion in just one lesson. A suggested strategy from the book: "Prior to reading a story or starting a unit of study have them peruse pictures, captions, graphs, etc, and brainstorm questions to be answered as they read." Such a simple task to implement but so engaging for the kiddos. Let me know how it goes!!!
Lots of great strategies in this first chapter! Order the book today and read along with me!!! I would love your input!! Email me at if you would like to write a guest post!!!

Keep Teaching,


  1. I love using "turn and talk" when posing questions. Gets the shy kids warmed up and gives everyone a chance to share!

  2. That's so true! When I use it I always ask during share out that they tell me something their partner shared!


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