Friday, July 7, 2017

Weekly Dollar Deals

Because we all love a good sale...I want to start a weekly dollar sale!  Each week I will offer at least two items from my store for just $1!  Sometimes it may mean saving just a little but other times it may mean saving lots!!!  Just remember to check back each Friday!!! This week I am spotlighting my How We Get Home Clip Chart and my Reading Anchor Charts.

The beginning of the school year can be quite hectic so use this clip chart to help organize your dismissal!  Know who walks, rides the bus, rides in a car, etc. at just a glance.  

How We Get Home Clip Chart Bright Colors

I LOVE using anchor charts in the classroom!! My firsties loved them too!!! They loved them so much that they would create their own!!! Sometimes we need a timesaver so I've created these reading strategies anchor charts that you can print poster size and hang in your classroom.

I printed these from my printer at home and they measure 16"X22".  

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