Monday, December 31, 2012

Tackylocks, An Emperor Penguin in Disguise

I took a break from all school related "stuff" to enjoy my family and loved every minute!  Now, it's to time to get back to reality. :0)  I finished a fun, meaningful and student engaging unit on Penguins.  I can't wait to use it with my firsties! 
This unit has three components:
* A penguin glyph:
patterns and pictures included with a bulletin board and anchor chart ideas

* An Emperor penguin scrapbook created by the students based on research:

Scrapbook Unit Plan
 Day 1: Read aloud nonfiction book about emperor penguins. Create Scrapbook cover.
 Day 2: The Emperor Penguin Family
 Day 3: Our Extended Family
 Day 4: Mom Penguin
 Day 5: Dad Penguin
 Day 6: Baby Penguin
 Day 7: Family Dinner
 Day 8: Home Sweet Home
 Day 9: The Family Trip
 Day 10: Our Colony.
 Day 11: Brrr…It’s Cold
Common Core Alignment: W 1.7, W 1.8, RI 1.1
Internet Resources to help teach about emperor penguins.

* A book study based on Tackylocks and the Three Bears:
 Multiple Meaning Words L 1.4
 Higher Order Thinking L1.4a
 Author’s Purpose
 Retell RL 1.2 Extension: If you have the Screen Chomp app students can take a picture of their paper and record their retelling
 Compare & Contrast RL 1.9
 Character Description RL 1.3
 Context Clues RL 1.4 & L 1.5c
 Setting RL 1.7
 Write the Room RF 1.3f
 Craftivity
 Writing 
  The study incorporates tons of student engaging activities.  One of my favorite activities in this study is the Tackylocks craftivity.

Go HERE or HERE to get this freebie.

To purchase the whole unit go to Teachers Notebook or to Teachers Pay Teachers.
I'll be posting more pictures as I complete this unit with my own class.

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