Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Old Lady and the Daily Five

Quick post tonight....a little worn out!  Yesterday we worked on our craftivity for The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell.  It turned out so cute!!!! Take a peak...

I have also been tweaking the Daily Five in my classroom.  I am all about decreasing management and allowing my firsties to become independent learners.  I am a newbie with this Daily Five thing. :0)  I admit I tried to control where they went and I was still managing stations until recently.  I finally let go and am in love with this system.  I posted a picture of the Daily Five on my Smart Board and then had my firsties take a pic with their ipad.  Yes, each child has their own ipad and it is making a huge difference in my classroom!!!!  Anyway,  we then make this pic their background in Doodle Buddy and they mark each Daily Five they have been to.  It is so simple and holds them accountable.  Here is a screenshot of one of the ipads. 

Enjoy the rest of your evening and rest up!   Christmas is one day closer and we all know that means a little more excitement in the classroom.  ;0)

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