Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dinosaurs and Christmas Trees

It was quite the combination of activities today!  We started our mini unit on dinosaurs this week.  We are reading The Big Circle in reading so it naturally lends itself to a dinosaur study.  We read two books, Dinosaur Babies and Dinosaurs.  Let's just say these kiddos love dinos.  I think they know more about them then I do.  We created a t-rex anchor chart and started to make a t-rex craftivity that I got from Life in First Grade HERE.  About a minute into creating we had a tornado drill, then PE and then about 20 minutes to work before it was time to go home.  So.....I will have pictures of the craftivity tomorrow.  I do, however, have a pic of the finished anchor chart. :0)

We also put the finishing touches onto our painting that will be auctioned off at our school Winter Festival.  I have to give a huge shout out to my BFF, Sayward Lowery.  She created our Christmas tree for us with our handprints.  Best co-teacher ever!!!!!!! 

I just love this painting!  Each red ornament has the child's name written on it.  What a keepsake for the auction winner!  

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