Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Can We Research Weather Now???!!!!

We started a weather unit yesterday and my firsties are loving it!  First we read Storms and then named all of the different kinds of weather.  After our whole group meeting I paired them up.  With their partner they had to decide which type of weather they wanted to research.  I gave each set of partners a post-it note.  On the post-it they drew and wrote the type of weather to be researched.  Here is a picture of our anchor chart.
Well.... today when my firsties came in many asked..."Can we research now???!!!!!!"  It doesn't get better than that!  These kiddos were so excited and ready to dig in!!!!  Today's assignment was to find at least five facts about the weather they had chosen to research and write those facts in their science notebook.  On Friday, I raided our school library for every weather book I could find so we had plenty of resources available.  My firsties also use to research online with their iPad.  I'm telling you they were ENGAGED!  I loved walking around and seeing their little heads bent over the books and iPads reading away!!!  These three girls were totally engrossed in their book about tornadoes....
These boys were loving all the info they found on tornadoes...Yes, tornadoes were quite popular....but living in the south means you hear a lot about that weather. :0(
These boys sought me out several times to tell me all about the neat facts they had found!  :0)

Here are some notes in progress:

Tomorrow each pair will get poster size paper and begin to create a poster with pictures and facts.  Then, on Friday they will record their information with a picture of their poster on the app, Screenchomp.  My firsties will present their info about the weather using Screenchomp or the poster they made.  It will be their choice.  I am all about independent learners and these lessons this week have been AWESOME!!!  No copies to run... just a little time finding the resources and making an anchor chart.  

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