Friday, March 22, 2013

Two Quick Tips

Yay!!! I made it!  Hello Spring Break!  Now that I have a few days to catch up I wanted to share a couple of tips with you guys.  This past summer I kept seeing the adorable crate seats that were pinned all over pinterest.  Well....I needed a couple of stools for my word work area and I wasn't willing to pay big $$$ for what I wanted.  Then I had a light bulb moment...stack two crates on top of one another and tie them together with zip ties!!!  Top it off with a chair cushion and you have an adorable stool. I found the cushions at Target.  The cushions have a rubber grip bottom so they do not need to be tied on.    My firsties love sitting on them and the stools are sturdy. 

My second tip is something my teamies came up with and I think it is brilliant!!!!!! Way to go Sayward & Marcia!  Lunch is always sooooo LOUD!!! So this past week we started listening to books on tape during the first part of lunch.  I'm telling you our firsties are loving listening to these stories!  Shhh....don't tell them that they are working on those visualization skills!  Why haven't we been doing this for years????!!    Try it!!  I think you will love it!  Leave a comment below if you have a great tip to share.   Have a great weekend!!!!!

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