Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Grab Bag of Goodies for First Grade Reading

I tweaked my activities that I am using this week for Reading Street.  It is now more general and can be used with any story you are teaching.  The unit includes the following:

• Plot anchor chart: print poster size or use it for mini anchor charts for the kids to make.
• Sequence Graphic Organizer
• Stamp a Word Recording Sheet
• Spelling and Sight Words List to post in Word Work area…laminate so lists can be changed weekly
• Write the Room – Open ended…you decide what you want the students to find
• Antonyms
• Synonyms
• Spelling Practice Tests…My firsties will choose a buddy and give each other the spelling test. They love this!!!
• Fluency Recording Sheet: Read with a buddy and the buddy records words read per minute
• Story Board for Writing
• Rough Draft Page for Writing
• Final Draft Page for Writing
• Illustration page for final draft

I am using some of the materials in my Daily Five Stations. I use the writing materials in Writing. Stamp a Word is in Word Work. The Spelling Practice Test and Fluency Recording Sheet are in Buddy Reading.  

Did I tell you that I LOVE DAILY FIVE?  Well, I do!!!!!  It is making a huge difference in my classroom.  Just today I was listening in on a couple of my firsties at Word Work...and they were quizzing each other on how to spell different sight words.  That'll make a teacher's heart swell with pride!!! :0)

Grab it HERE or HERE.

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