Monday, January 14, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays.....

What a rainy day!!!!!  I was determined that today would be a great day....and it was!!!! Even though I spilled my entire glass of diet Dr. Pepper as I opened my classroom door first thing this morning! 

Daily Five has truly changed my way of thinking...If you haven't read the book go get it now. Our morning goes by so fast and we are so immersed in reading and writing.  I am following the model in the book where we meet several different times for whole group  and then break up for Daily Five after each whole group meeting.  My firsties are becoming such independent learners and it truly is amazing.  Here are a few pictures of them "writing the room."  It was one of our whole group meetings.  They were searching for verbs.

We also finished up our Tackylocks and the Three Bears craftivity.  They look so cute hanging in the hallway.  Just ignore the fire alarm in the middle...we just work around it. :0)

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