Thursday, January 10, 2013

Test Prep, Test Prep and Oh Yea....Penguins!

I love days that are packed with all kinds of activities and today was one of those days.  We are preparing for our STAR reading and math assessments for next week so we have been busy, busy preparing for those.  We have been doing lots of mini lessons to help us do our best!!!  They are such troopers!  Not only are we preparing for STAR but we also had benchmark testing in DIBELS this week...whew....can you say worn out?  Anywho, we are also reading A Place to Play this week in Reading Street.  Here are a couple of pictures of some the activities we have done.

Note to self:  Take the picture before you laminate!!!  Anyway the anchor chart isn't wrinkled. :0(  Love the story, Mr. George Baker.  Read it today with my firsties and filled out this plot anchor chart.  Such a sweet, sweet book.  Would be great to read again on the 100th day when they do their "100 year old me" craftivity.  

The story board and sequence graphic organizer are works in progress but I wanted to share them with you guys.  

Both of these activities are included in my newest packets. The Reading Street version is HERE or HERE.  If you want a generic version that can be used at anytime for reading you can get it HERE or HERE.  

Later this afternoon....after lots of math....we squeezed in a page for our penguin scrapbook.  

It kind of blew their mind that I didn't give them patterns for their "mommy penguins."  I wanted to see what they could create and I must say I have quite a few budding artists in my class.  Love how these turned out!  We used the Emperor Penguins book to help find the facts.  Here is a picture of the page pulled up on my smart board.  

The penguin scrapbook can be found in my penguin unit HERE or HERE.  It also includes a penguin glyph and a book study based on Tackylocks and the Three Bears. 

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