Monday, June 30, 2014

New Classroom Decor Set in the Works!!!

Okay teachers never turn off their teacher brains!!! Sayward and I were at the pool last week and from that visit came our idea to create a gnome theme classroom decor set!!! We couldn't find any on TPT so I am creating one for her and want to share it with you guys too!  It is not yet complete but you can win the classroom helper set!! Find the post about this set on Learning With Firsties facebook page...Share the post and comment on the post for a chance to win!!! I'll choose a winner tomorrow.  Good Luck!!!


  1. Cool idea - I love it! Had an ikea corner very similar!

    1. My friend is a collector of gnomes thus the idea was born!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. So adorable!!! I'm sure you will sell a ton of these!

  3. So adorable! I'm sure you will sell a ton of these!

  4. These are so cute! It has started me thinking about a secret garden theme...Love it!

  5. I'm not sure if my last comment was posted, but I love this theme. I think it will work with my secret garden theme :).


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