Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday's Weekly Favorite Pins #3

Well at least it's still Wednesday...I spent the day at the pool with my bestie and almost forgot to post today.  Here are some of my favorite pins this week!!
If you know me then you already know that I am in love with anchor charts.  I created anchor charts for as many lessons as possible.  My firsties used them and helped to build them.  They even started creating their own anchor charts.  Around the Kampfire has an awesome post about using anchor charts and some great tips.

Show What You Know would be a great strategy to use instead of a worksheet!!!!

Using these number anchor charts would be fabulous visual cues for your kiddos.  I would also have my firsties recreate these for their math interactive notebooks.

In the past I have always used Elkonin boxes to help students decode and blend words.  But how fun would it be to pound a sound?

Hopefully something in today's pins have inspired you to try something new in your classroom.  If you have a favorite pin that you want to feature comment below. 

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